3i Space Dynamics


This laboratory is devoted to space mission design research with an emphasis on discovering synergies across disciplines that may fundamentally improve systems or design processes for space exploration.

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6DOF Motion within Multi-Body Gravitational Fields

This research explores fundamental astrodynamics questions related to the orbit and attitude motion of rigid bodies within a multi-body gravitational field or for space systems operating under that regime.

Advanced Space Systems with Smart Materials

This research explores unique mission and space system concepts enabled by selected smart materials. It also includes testing these materials under relevant space environment conditions. Current applications feature novel solutions for space structure deployment, re-entry systems, and orbital debris remediation.

Strategic Interactions and Decision Dynamics in Adversarial Space Systems Games

This research explores the resilience of proliferated low Earth orbit (P-LEO) constellations across multiple domains and within the context of adversarial environments.

Spatial Computing for Trajectory Design and Mission Analysis

This research advances the desing of spatial computing frameworks for astrodynamics applications using virtual reality and other immersive enviroments. Specific spatial reasoning and spatial cognition questions related to astrodynamics tasks are also relevant to this research area.

Human-Machine Teaming for Space System Autonomy and Management